Bugs and Support Rules

Edgeworx Cloud Support

We always like to get feedback on our products, good or bad! All users will be able to get support either by posting here in the forums, or with Basic plan and up ,via our support email: support@edgeworx.io.

To help us investigate and provide resolutions please review the below items before creating a ticket.

Please make sure to include the following:

  • Email being used is tied to your Edgeworx Cloud accout (Email only).
  • Email used to create profile on the forum is tied to your Edgeworx Cloud accoute (Forum only).
  • The Org in which the issue occured.
  • Any images, code, screenshots, etc relating to the issue.
  • Troubleshooting that was performed.
  • Applicable logs, config files, etc.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue.

We are unable to assist with:

  • Any resources not managed or made by Edgeworx.
    • Applications & mircoservices.
    • Hardware.
    • Code.
  • Network issues (excluding Edgeworx Cloud network issues).

We are only able to assist with reports written in English at this time.

To learn more about support head to LEGAL DOC LINK HERE

Support Schedule

Free Basic Standard Premium
Email N/A* Best Effort <48 Hours <24Hours
Forum Best Effort Best Effort <48 Hours <24 Hours

*Email may be used when reporting significant issues. See our EULA for more info.

Responses from support may come faster than listed, but priority is given to those with plans.