Incorrect cpu usage

Hello dear maintainers,

I have a very strange situation related to CPU usage.

  1. I have a ubuntu node and here is the output of ‘htop’:

  2. as you can see a process called ‘access-api’ has more than 8 threads and totally utilizes about 100% of cpu

  3. here the strange thing is only one core shows 100% and others fluctuate around 0 and 0.7%.

  4. also one more strange thing is darcy cloud shows also 0 cpu utilization

The question is, what may be the cause of such behavior? My server is a generic intel base computer with ubuntu installed.


As of right now, those utilization numbers represent how much agent is using and not that of the node itself. We know that isn’t clearly stated and will be addressing with a future overhaul of the UI.