Erroneous and undpredictable behaviour

Good afternoon dear maintainers,

For some reason the system started to work worse than before:

  1. it takes a very long time to load, one has to wait more than 10 minutes to see the nodes
  2. an error always appears when updating the microservice, but after 10 - 15 minutes the changes take effect.
  3. very often the “Failed to fetch” notification appears and eventually the “SOMETHING WENT WRONG!” dialog box appears, because of which you have to log in again

Can you please help solve these issues, thank you!

Thank you for sharing. We will look into this. I do have some questions that may assist the team.

Are the nodes physical devices or virtual machines?
What kind of network are the nodes on?
What was the behavior like before seeing these issues?

For sure,

  1. I have 3 devices (ubuntu) and 4 vms (multipass)
  2. All nodes connected to the internet through wifi router, except for one whis is cloud server by local provider
  3. Before downtime:
  • first of all I could enter the portal instantly, no matter how many devices i had. Now it keeps loading too much time (see screenshots in the previous message)
  • Secondly, when i update microservices the status was fine and the dialog automatically closes. Now it always shows errors no matter what you change. But what is strange, the changes take effect after some time )
  • at the last, I used to see “failed to fetch” error very rarely but now it is appeared allthe time, even if you reboot a device. One would say ok no problem, but after this issue “something went wrong” dialog occurs and the user is automatically logged out which is really frustrating.

I hope it helps. If you need anything else i am ready to help, thank you.

Thanks for that added info!

We have applied a a fix that should solve your issue. Can you please login and let me know if the functionality of the portal has improved or not?

Dear maintainers,

I don’t know what you did but all the issues have gone. Works fast and during the day I got “failed to fetch” only three times, which is pretty good.

Thank you so much for quick response and great project!!! :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

You are welcome! Glad to hear our fix worked.

We are aware of the issue with the failed to fetch error. It is harmless, albeit annoying, but it will be a non-issue when we update with our overhaul of the UI.

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